Cleaning Service For Move-In Day

Services of moving day property cleaning are meant for people who are moving from one house, condo or apartment to another. Such events can be some of the most stressful in the life of a person and our company understands this. If you are changing your place of residence, the use of a moving day maid for cleaning your place is a must.

Moving Out and Moving In

Toronto Move In CleaningMoving out from a place in Toronto can be difficult, because the house or apartment that you leave behind must remain clean and perfect for new use. The best situation can be the one in which furniture, tiles and other household items are not damaged, but only dirty. Usually, a real mess is created when people move from a house or apartment to another. Hiring our move-in cleaning and maid service can be the right thing to do and our company can provide reliable services.

For moving in, the best approach is cleaning everything while the house or the apartment is still empty. We can deal with your drawers, shelves and cabinets in order to make sure that they look as new.

Services We Offer

Wiping dust is not the only thing we can perform, as rooms must be cleaned of hair, crumbs and debris. Dust can easily be cleaned and can be back on your furniture when the new family moves in. However, it is not seen as a big threat. People who will become tenants of your old place will wipe the dust anyway when they arrive. For both, move in and move out procedures, we bring our own tools and equipment. Our professionals can clean your appliances inside and outside, but also the floors and walls that remain full of dirt after a fridge or a stove is removed. Sanitizing and disinfecting your home is one of our top priorities.


The following items in a bathroom need disinfection: shower, bathtub, floor, tiles, toilet and sink. Mirrors, windows and cabinets need a thorough cleaning.


Any cupboard must be cleaned on the inside and on the outside, as well as all appliances, including: ovens, freezers, fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. The grease has to be eliminated completely. Rubbish must also be eliminated.

Living Rooms

Dusting, vacuuming and rubbish removal, but also polishing are the most common procedures for all rooms. Items like carpets, skirting boards, shelves, window sills, door frames, and windows will be dealt with.

Why Choose Our Services?

We provide move-in maid services to Toronto citizens and ease their moving process. Some of the worries of such an operation can be avoided if you rely on our professionalism to do the cleaning tasks for you. No matter if you want a property to remain in perfect state when you leave it, or you just need to clean the one you move to, using our move-out and post-construction cleaning service can spare you a lot of efforts and stress. Professionals can do all the required tasks for you.